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Item Description

Brand New unused condition---------Item is new and unused,

Mint and Unissue-------Item is in superb condition with some little use or may be no wear or still in bag.

Excellent condition-------Item is in nice shape but may be show signs of its age because of storage or light use.

Used but very good condition-------Item is nice shape but little flight use or be shows signs of its adge

Used but good condition----Item is in nice shape but may show signs of excessive flight use or be noticably dirty from use.

Fair condition------Item is still in displayable condition but may be ripped, cracked, or have large stains.

Please note,
That all offered articles are pure collectors or display pieces and do not have any flying or other tests. Use is at your own risk !!

For more photos, please click image !

Original US - CVC Helmet DH-132 AS/SV Crew Helmet Size Medium/Large

This is a original DH-132® AS helmet are specially designed of GENTEX Corporation for use by personnel operating and manning military armored vehicles. The Combat Vehicle Crew helmets, which are made in accordance with MIL-H-44117, are available in several different configurations for specific mission types,this is a DH-132AS/SV helmet,this helmet system features a unique design within the outer and inner liner, which allows the helmet system to better interface with combat vehicle sighting systems. The helmet system also includes a communications kit. Typical applications include use in Leopard Tanks, this helmet has the rare full leather cover, helmet and cover size medium/large, all in very good to exellent original condition,end of cable 1 plug is missing (see pictures )


EUR 165.-

Original Custom Painted SPH 4 Helicopter Flight Helmet Size X-Large
This is a original Gentex Sound Protective Helmet-4 (SPH-4) used by Army Helicopter Pilots and Rescue Crews,the SPH-4 had a shell made of fibreglass cloth layers bonded by epoxy, dark visor is present with minimal scratches , helmet is fitted with a sling suspension liner and had a nape and chin strap ,this size X-Large helmet weighed ca. 1.54 kg (3.4 lbs), 24 inch straight cord with U-174 plug and military communications consisting of 5 ohm earphones and a M 87 AIC microphone is present , helmet is in good , used condition,helmet is painted red with yellow visor cover, Head for display purpose only and not included in sale ,include a brand new clear visor !!!!, ,this helmet is some flight used but in good condition with nice original decals,Helmet is completely cleaned and absolutely clean,
EUR 290.-
Original Oxygen Mask for ZSH-7 Pilot Helmet KM-34D Soviet Union size 2

Original Flight helmet ZSH-7 pilot mask KM-34D Soviet Union size 2 (probably size Large),Oxygen Mask KM-34D is complete with side hose, bayonet connectors, microphone and everything else,used but very good original condition,include the original green bag,


EUR 169.-

Original HGU 55 /P Fighter Flight Helmet Size Large with MBU 12/P Mask Size Regular !!!

This is a original HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet ,helmet size is Large with Kevlar Shell ,Date ???, with standard black chin strap and nape strap , the helmet comes with single bungee visor dark in very good condition, complete with all avionics and plugs,helmet is include a original TPL Liner and Oregon Leather Seals , include a original MBU 12 Mask size Small in very good condition,Cable of the mask is repaired (see pictures), this is a beautiful nice helmet set for display or use in 100 % original condition, helmet and mask is normal flight used but in very good condition , include a used tan helmet bag ,

EUR 799,-
Original HAPLSS Parchutist Helmet Size Large 
this is a original Gentex® HAPLSS High Altitude Parachute Life Support System Helmet in size Large ,helmet in exellent to mint condition ,unused in original paper box,inlude a original Gentex STEP-IN® Visor Assembly in exellent condition,also include a used bungee clear and dark visor with leather cover with scratches from use,helmet has reciever for MBU mask,very nice helmet for display or use in exellent condition,
EUR 540.- 
Original Kit Bag US Aviator Pilots Kit Bag, Parachute DZ bag,

original US Air Force Kit Bag, Flyers,this is a genuine US Air Force holdall,These are issued to carry kit like parachutes and flight gear to the aircraft,the Air force kit bags are a popular sought after item of kit by most people as they can carry a large amount of kit but the bag folds up to a compact storage size so it folds up easily in a Bergen or rucksack,the bag weighs only 900g and pack small but it is made of strong and tough nylon, for extra strength the nylon webbing handles are sewn and wrapped around the sides and bottom of the bag,The bag is fastened by a strong chunky two way zip which is covered by a nylon flap which is ecured by several press studs,This are often called a DZ bag as they are also used by para's to put their parachute into after they have landed on the (Drop Zone) D.Z.,The bag has a capacity of approximately 100 litres.

Genuine US military issue in used condition, also aviable older model made of cotton canvas material,


EUR 29.-