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Original Kit Bag High Altitude Coverall and Helmet

Original Kit Bag , High Altitude and Coveralls and Helmet Type MF-1,exhibit WCRDF-122 Stock No. 8330-NL40470 ,from the Berger Brothers Co., Bag is in used but very good condition,


EUR 65.-

Original UK Combat Body Armor Vest with FillerUK

This is a combat body armour and cover Waistcoat style personal protective body armour vest comprising Kevlar filler enclosed within a woodland shade two colour DPM (disruptive pattern material) cover. A large external pocket is seen above the left breast, with a smaller to the opposite side. The vest is closed by a vertical strip of tan coloured Velcro. ,vest is in very good original condition,


EUR 59.-

Original Gentex Green Nylon Helmet Bag "Pictures are only examples "

Original Gentex large pilots green helmet bag , Pictures are only a examples !!!!!!,with embroidered Gentex label , all bags are used but in very good condition , all straps, zippers, and buttons intact and in working order , with only minor wear and staining signs of use and a few dark marks,some bags are labeled with names,nevertheless very nice bags in excellent quality original by Gentex,this bag is the optimal protection for your valuable pilot or motorcycle helmet,

EUR 35.-

Original " WEMPE " Station Clock " BUND "

This is an original "WEMPE" Station Clock with original Kienzle quartz clock movement, used for various units of the German Army and Air Force, clock is very accurate in transition,clock is used but in very good condition , : NATIONAL ITEM IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIIN): 121894185, NSN DESCRIPTION: BATTERIE,Baby, NICHTWIEDERAUFLADBAR,FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS (FSC): 6135 - Batteries, Nonrechargeable, CODIFICATION COUNTRY: Germany, clock is normal used with scratches from use in very good original condition,


EUR 99.-

Original Gentex Integrated Nape and Chin Strap Kit Brand New for HGU 55 and HGU 68 Helmets Size Large

Original Gentex integrated Nape and Chin strap black for flight helmets sealed in bag ,all screws and instructions are included , to replace an old one or convert your current HGU 55 or HGU 68 helmet, colour is black , only size Large , brand new,


EUR 45.-

Original Military CWC British Army Watch used

The definitive military watch, supplied to MOD for issue to servicemen, precise, long-lasting, Luminous light source, acrylic glass and battery hatch, Current issue, with thousands in service, Supplied with issue 18mm grey strap. Swiss-made using Swiss parts to extremely high standards. Quartz ETA movement, Current British army quartz general service watch , Currently supplied to MOD for issue to British servicemen, this watch is the definitive military watch, watch is used but in very good original condition,


EUR 99.-

Original Outer Neutral Dark Visor for HGU 56 Helmets ,Brand New,unused!!

Original HGU 56 Outer Neutral Visor in unused brand new condition ,the HGU-56/P helmets feature a track visor system, with a housing that allows the visor to be locked into the desired upward, intermediate, or downward position, this is a original Gentex Visor for the HGU 56 Helmet,new and unused in original box,universal size,


EUR 59.-

Original German Air Force C 160 Transall, Center of Gravity Calculator

Original Aristo Calculator for use with the C 160 Transall , length ca. 35 cm , wide approx 6 cm ,used but exellent , mint condition,Computers including leather box,


EUR 55.-

Original M-32B/AIC Microphone Element for MS 22001 Oxygen Mask

This is a original microphone element type : M-32B/AIC, the element is minty and it looks to me that is was never issued, these elements would fit nicely in a 1950's MS-22001 oxygen mask, they are rare to find and a must if one wants his mask to be complete, take your chance now !


EUR 59.-

Original Low Profile Battery Pack BA-2003-100 for HGU Helmets with ANVIS, Brand New, Unused

Original ANVIS , military Low Profile Battery Pack from Airtronics , Pack is brand new , unused in original paper box ,inlude the original battery holder and 4 new AA mignon batterys, Date 2012 , 100 % original and brand new !!! , very very rare in this condition,


EUR 185.-

Original Wiley X - PT 1 Ballistic Sunglass with Rust Lenses

This original Wiley - X - PT-1 offers a virtually unbreakable Triloid nylon frame that allows the user to easily change specific lens tints for various light conditions.  The Circular frame design surrounds the frontal lobe, providing incredible peripheral vision and backlit glare reduction.  The custom nose pad is constructed from a soft, clear, neoprene rubber compound that can be adjusted to accommodate any size nose bridge and set the level of the frame on the face.  The ear tips are made from a rubber compound, designed to grip better as your body temperature rises.Goggles are not used in mint to new condition ,include hard case and rust lenses ,I have this goggle and different other Wiley X goggles bought for me but never uses ,100 % original condition, not a replica ,  

EUR 29.-

Original Wiley X - XL 1 Tactical Ballistic Goggles

Wiley-X XL-1 Sunglasses combine the looks of a sunglass with the wind protection of a goggle. The Wiley-X XL-1 modular eyewear system uses a removable Lens Gasket to provide amazing wind and debris protection, while the incredibly strong Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses protect you from harsh sunlight and violent impacts. the Wiley-X XL-1 meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 and the U.S. Military's MIL-PRF-31013 Ballistic Standard. this XL-1 styles include a Zippered Nylon Case, Elastic Head-strap,Goggles are not used in mint to new condition , I have this goggle and different other Wiley X goggles bought for me but never uses ,100 % original condition, not a replica ,


EUR 60.-

Original Wiley X - SG 1 Tactical Ballistic Goggles

This is a original Wiley X SG 1 Tactical goggles in original hardcase ,the Wiley X SG-1 is a patent pending goggle system that provides two functions in one: converting from a fashionable sunglass to low profile goggle. Wiley-X SG-1 Goggles ballistic, anti-fog lenses can be changed in seconds when weather or activity dictates the need,MIL-PRF-31013 BALLISTIC CERTIFIED ,CONTROLLED VENTILATION ,AUTHORIZED FOR USE BY THE U.S. AND DANISH MILITARY,LOW PROFILE, LIGHT WEIGHT, NVG COMPATIBLE ,MEETS ANSI Z87.1-2003 HIGH VELOCITY STANDARD ,FIRST MODULAR SYSTEM CREATED ,Goggles are not used in mint to new condition , I have this goggle and different other Wiley X goggles bought for me but never uses, 100 % original condition, not a replica ,

EUR 65.-

Original Autoflug Security Belt from UH 1 D Helicopter used by German Army

Original Security Belts from Autoflug for use in the UH 1 D Helicopter by German Army LTG 61 , Belts are used but in very good to exellent condition ,belts were fore use , release for use ,


EUR 19.-

Original Visors Clear and Dark for Gueneau 316 Helmets used by German Air Force

Original Visors for Gueneau 316 helmets : 3 sizes available : size K ( klein )= Petit , size M ( medium )= Medium , size G ( gross )= Grand ,all visors little used ,minimal scratches, partly in new condition ,


EUR 20.- for clear visor , EUR 25.- for dark visor ,

Original US - Old Cockpit Light Aircraft 28 V



EUR 39.-

Original Seamark Fluorescent Sea Dye Marker

Original Fluorescent Sea Dye Marker, used by German Air Force , visible for up to one hour, instant acting , doubly water closely packed, net weight 40 gram, is unopened still enough durable,


EUR 15.-

Original Wire Boom Frame with Dynamic Microphon M 87/AIC and cable

Wire boom frame as part of the boom microphone assembly. Has full rotating pivot for front part of boom. Works with standard round mount and with all wire boom microphones. Includes slotted head securing screw for microphone include Black color. "Microphone, Dynamic, Type M-87/AIC, 5ohm- Used on helicopter flight helmets like the SPH-4, 4B, SPH-5, etc. Also used on HGU helmets w/ boom assembly. We have for the moment only Black colors avaiable: Black is current issue , ( Olive Drab Green (1970s-90s on SPH-4s), Sage Green (1960s-1970s) ) " , also include is a cable , price is for the set = Boom Frame ,Micro M 87 and cable ,Frame and cable are in new unused condition , Microfon is minimal used,


EUR 48.-

Original Astrocom Connector M 22442/5-2 for USN - MBU Mask , Model 10328B

Original Astrocom connector for used with US-Navy MBU 14 , MBU 17 , MBU 23 mask e.t.c. , used with CX-13126A/A com cord , connector is Type U-75/U With Transformer MIL-DTL-22442/5-2, Mates with: U-61/U 10505A, connector is used but in very good condition , very rare and hard to find ,

EUR 38.-

Original Secumar Manually Inflating Device for Secumar 10 F Life Preserver Vest

Original Secumar Inflating Device for the Secumar 10 F Life preserver Vest ,include a full original Secumar CO 2 bottle ,all from storage in exellent to new condition.


EUR 25.-

Original Gentex Life Support LSIT - 1 / A Test Set with

The originally LSIT-1/A  Test Set is a portable electrical and pneumatic Test Set that gives the aircrew member and Life Support manager or technician the ability to perform initial mask fit verification, pre-flight operational checkout, and component inspections of the various Combat Edge and Combat Edge derivative aircrew life support equipment. When combined with the user LSIT-1/A Data Manager Software Package ( Software is Not include ), and the LSIT-1/A Test Set becomes an even more powerful tool by generating, storing and analyzing Life Support Equipment Test DataLSIT-1/A Test Set equipped with a standard RS3 9-Pin Subminiature D data transfer port. ,set is minimal used and was only a display object in a collection,include is a transformer 220 to 110 V for Europe, include all parts on the photos and original description ,very rare and hard to find,


EUR 190.-

Original Headset Cord for P-4 , MB-4 or P-4 A Helmets

Original Headset Cord with U-93A/U jack plug (H-75A/AIC and H-75B/AIC headsets) on black pigtail communications cord., for use with P-4, MB-4 and P-4A Helmets , Set is new and unused witout the paper cover,very rare and hard to find, Date 1960 ,


EUR 45.-

Original Gentex Edgroll Kit for HGU 55/P Helmets

Original Gentex edgroll kit size Medium , Large or X- Large for the HGU55/P , new condition , unused, not always all sizes available, please ask because of availability ,


EUR 75.-

Sling Assy for P 4 B Helmets

Original Sling Assy for P 4B Helmets ,only size X-Large, only for GAF P4B availably , not more for US-Air Force helmets !!!!!!!,very nice to new condition,unused,


EUR 25.-

Original Navigator Wrist Watch brand new !!!

CURRENT ISSUE NAVIGATOR PILOT WRIST WATCH , MIL-W-46374F/6645-01-364-4042, 12 Hour GMT bezel. Quartz movement, hacking. Tritium gas-tube, luminescence. User serviceable battery. Composite case and acrylic crystal., Nylon issue strap. Water resistant to 6 ATM. 42mm X 11mm x 20mm lug width,This is the current of the Navigator's Wristwatch. They were designed for for military personnel. Many will decry its quartz movement. Once again, this watch was never built for the civilian consumer. Intended Use: High altitude, Pilot/parachute, Bi-Directional Time Zone Ring, Analogue dial with 2 time scale, Water resistant to 6 atm. atmospheres, Stop Second (hack) high torque movement ,This watch comes with black nylon mil-spec strap (Xtra long to fit over uniform). This strap is manufactured in accordance with MIL-S-46383B, Type III.Watch is brand new ,date 2004 ,in original case,



Original HGU 55/P Helmet Brackets Modifikation Kit !!!

Original Modifikation Kit for HGU 55/P helmts for use with banana mount with ANVIS 6/9 NVG , Item is in new unused condition,



Original HGU 56 Maxillo Facial Shield (MFS) used without Mounting Hardware

This is a original HGU-56 Maxillofacial Shield , the optional parts for mounting a maxillofacial shield to a HGU-56 helme are missing !!!,
the MaxilloFacial Shield (MFS) safeguards the lower face from rotor wash, flying debris and windblast during helicopter operations, the protective shield attaches to the helmet with a complete installation kit this kit is missing, and provides superb protection for the lower face and substantially improves voice communications by reducing wind noise across the microphone(s) , this facial shield is used but in very good condition, 100 % original condition, not a replica , ideal as a replacement for a defective shield ,


EUR 175.- SOLD

Original Visors Clear and Dark for SPH 4/G /B and HGU 55/G Helmets used by German Air Force

Original Gentex Visors for SPH 4/G helmets clear and dark ( also fit for SPH 4/B Helmets ) and HGU 55/G helmets clear and dark , visors are minimal used ,partly in new condition , minimal scratches,


EUR 30.- for clear visor , EUR 35.- for dark visor , SOLD

Original Yellow High Contrast Bungee Visor for HGU 55/P Helmets NEW !!!

Original "Visor, Lens Assembly: Yellow High Contrast , Use on all sizes of HGU-55/P flight helmet, cut for MBU-12/P oxygen mask. Similar idea behind shooting glasses, makes objects sharper, Visor is in unused new condition,



Original Neutral Dark Bungee Visor for HGU 55/P Helmets NEW !!!

Original "Lens, Visor, Flying Helmet: Neutral Dark , Use on all sizes of HGU-55/P flight helmet, cut for MBU-12/P oxygen mask , Visor is in unused new condition,